Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Choral Speaking

Choral speaking
A means by which literature (including poetry, chants and raps, scripts, short stories, fairy tales, fables and legends) is interpreted and communicated vocally by a group. These could be either student-written or published works.

Today is the annual
Choral Speaking Competition.

This event was held:
at SMJK Katholik, PJ
on 25th March 2009
from 8.30a.m. until 12.00p.m.
for students from Form 1 to 4

We reached school at 6.30a.m., all well-dressed and prepared.
When it was 9.00a.m. we gathered in the hall that has air-conditioner on, chairs well-arranged and most importantly, platform well-situated on stage!

The priorities are by drawing lots, and the schools participating are as follow:
  1. SMK La Salle
  2. SMK Sultan Abdul Samad
  3. SMJK Katholik
  4. SMK Assunta
  5. SMK Taman S.E.A
  6. SMK Sri Aman
  7. SMK Sri Utama
  8. SMK Sri Permata
  9. SMK XXX
  10. SMK XXX
(sorry team 9 & 10, I forgotten your school name.. >.<)

Every competition has their own rules, and for choral speaking, the most important rules are as below:
  1. You are not allowed to move the lower parts of your body (from hips to toe)
  2. For your attire: no ties and blazers are allowed
  3. No vulgar words in your script
  4. Time limit: minimum - 8 minutes; maximum - 10 minutes
P/S: Marks deduction for each penalties are 10%

There were 3 respective judges.
Each of them were from different schools but none of them are male. xD

P/S: Organizers are always fair. Therefore, none of the judges are from SMJK Katholik.

1. SMK La Salle English and Manglish
La Salle is a strong school for Choral Speaking Competitions. They won many competitions in the past and gained much experience. Today, their performance were wonderful too~ La Salle's text are usually comedies including today's. All their actions were all alike and had the same timing. The entire performance were neat. Pronunciations were clear and loud too except for some of the soloist. The best thing was, their sound effect was really successful~ Unfortunately, they were unable to reach 8 minutes. =(

2. SMK Sultan Abdul Samad Don't remember
Well, to say the truth, I don't really remember what they did so I can't describe much but it was OK. =D

3. SMK Katholik War
Our script was more like a serious type than usual and was even the most serious one compared to the others! Although our school sometimes did not win in the past but we really put in much effort and tried our best to achieve the highest in this competition! Don't ever think it was an easy learning process! It took us hours to practice each day even though we were facing annual examinations. During the practices, the most important thing was cooperation. Without cooperation, nothing can go well. I felt grateful that our team was quite cooperative. We were not good and were shame to during the practices at first but later on when we got used to it, everything went smoother. The performance given today was quite successful. Most important thing is.. We achieved 8 minutes~ =D

4. SMK Assunta Love Conquers All
Hmm.. What was the performance about? It's something about Cinderella, her step-mother, a princey (prince) and... L.O.V.E~ xD I think that's a story but did not really catch what their script was about.. >.< Maybe I was worrying about our performance before theirs so not much attention were given during their performance.. =P sorry~

5. SMK Taman S.E.A Something about Malaysia
If not mistaken, they talked about independants 53 years ago cause we rememebered the "MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!" Well.. xD Nothing much to say.. xP

6. SMK Sri Aman Another Malaysia?
I'm really sorry, SMK Sri Aman. >.< I have no idea what you did.. >.< Please forgive my forgetful memory..

7. SMK Sri Utama Malaysia again?
>.< No idea.. @@

8. SMK Sri Permata No idea
Hmm.. Actually.. Nobody could understand what said.. Everything was extremely draggy and not well prepared.. Maybe they were in form far later? Or maybe they took wrong notice of the competition date or something? They weren't well trained.. >.< Some were fast, some were slow.. Even the conductor wasn't trained.. =X Maybe lack of experience? Everything was draggy, fast and slow, and stopped suddenly and it was only 3 minutes and 29 seconds later after they started.. @@ The best thing (nearly the best) was their attire~ Nice and smart~ BUT.. Unfortunately.. It was against the rules as they were wearing ties.. >.< Gambateh!!!

9. SMK XXX & 10. SMK XXX
I am really sorry.. Cause I could not remeber your school names and your titles + performance.. All I could remember for team 10 was that they almost reached the time limit but just because of a slight of time, their performance was timed 7 minutes and 59 seconds! That was so close! Just because of that 1 second, they got a penalty and 10 marks were deducted.. Poor thing.. >.<

One of the judges stepped forward and gave a short comment on our performances.

"First, I want to congratulate all the teams! *applause* You all done well during your performance; pronounciations were good.. *applause* I must say, we judges had a tough time making decisions because you all were good. *applause* Before I announce the winners for this zone, I want you to know, you should be proud of yourselves for you represented your school to come here and competed! *applause* There are many schools who weren't able to compete but you came! So be proud of youselves no matter you win or lose! *applause*

3rd place goes to..
*speed of heart beat increased*
*flip papers, paused, flip papers*

TEAM 1 (SMK La Salle)! *applause*
La Salle: *silence*

2nd place goes to..
*heart beat went faster*

TEAM 5 (SMK Taman S.E.A)! *applause*
Taman S.E.A: Yay~! *shoutings, clappings and whistlings*

And our champion is..
*beep-bop, beep-bop*
*total silence*

TEAM 3 (SMJK Katholik)! *applause*
Katholik: *silence* *mind was blank* Huh? Team 3? Team 3 is.. OMG! IT'S US! YAY~~!!!!! *shoutings, clappings and whistlings* Woohoo~ Some of them even had tears rolling down their cheeks! What a touching and happy moment~ Yahoo~

Congratulations to all! Thank you!"

There goes the Katholik students.. Cheering from our seats, towards the hall's door, outside the hall, towards the canteen, until we reached the canteen! All the effort and practices were worth it. The next competition will be held on 2nd of April (Thursday). Gambateh CHS!

~~~ That's the end of the competition ~~~


Anonymous said...

Dude, Smk (p) Sri Aman reached 8 minutes. More than 8 minutes actually. 8 minutes 28 seconds to be exact. Though, I couldn't say the same for your school. You guys broke many rules. Maybe you were better but by any means, SMK (P) Sri Aman followed ALL the rules, unlike Katholik...

Zi Ning said...

Hey there, I believe you're from SMK Sri Aman. Nice to meet ya! ^^ Sorry for the wrong information because I couldn't remember all the performances so I thought your school was one of those that wasn't able to exceed 8 minutes. >.< I am sorry for the wrong information posted. O.o I think you guys have some misunderstandings. Does the word 'break rules' refer to hand movements? If it's so, I must say, you really got the wrong information. Actually for this year's competition, participants are allowed to have hand movements. This isn't a lie, because we confirmed with the organizer(s) before the choral speaking competition was held. Other than that, I don't think we broke any other rules. Can you be more specific as to what other mistakes you think we might have done?

elsa said...

Oh really? So then, it was my mistake. We actually were very frustrated with the judges. We followed all the rules AND exceeded the time limit. While schools like Tmn. Sea (and they freaking sing), they actually didn't manage to reach the time limit and still, we didn't win. Before, you said that hand movements weren't allowed, I actually thought that you guys broke the rule. That made me very frustrated as we called the organizers and they said hand movementd are not allowed. So, last minute, we struggled to take out the hand movements. It made me really mad to see you guys did it and still won the competition. And you guys deserved to win, if the hands movement were allowed, that is. Your script was very good and one of a kind. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Zi Ning said...

Yup =D 100% true~ >.< I understand your feelings but maybe the Taman S.E.A have some other winning factors which appeared to be better than your school. O.o? Did I say that hand movements weren't allowed? Haha.. in fact, many schools thought we broke the hand movement rule. x) O.o Why did they say that hand movements weren't allowed? Oh my.. i guess this whole thing was just a misunderstanding. xD Thanks~!! =D It's OK =) Don't worry about it.. Thanks for dropping by Elsa~ ^^

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